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Find the t-shirt that'll tell the world what your favourite bit of New Zealand is. Biking, Maori culture, the art, rugby, NZ slang, our sheep or kiwi's, our ski scene or the NZ Music. You name it we've probably got an awesome t shirt about it. So check out our range of cool kiwi tee's

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New Zealand Bike prints - Mens mountain bike and road bike screen printed T-Shirts, made in New Zealand.
New Zealand Maori t-shirts designs. Maori inspired t-shirts by global culture.
New Zealanders - Really good at making up words

Here is a collection of our t shirts that are based on New Zealands weird and colourful slang. It may sound like we're speaking gibberish, but if you hang out in kiwi land long enough you'll realise that we do actually know what we're saying (most of the time).
sheep tees - cool kiwiana mens t shirts - featuring woolly the sheep tees.
kiwi mens tees - kiwiana t shirts featuring New Zealands most famous bird
snow prints
Us Kiwi’s love our music – we’ve got a sweet underground scene churning out some great vinyl. Blues, Jazz, Rock, RNB, Roots… you name it, we do it well. So you could say we’re pretty proud of our music - that might be why we dedicate an entire month to our awesome NZ musicians.
I love my sausage Heller's t-shirt.
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