[ahr-teest] noun - An artist who takes nobody and nothing seriously, not even themselves.

More likely to throw paint at others than the canvas and will always call it art. Our art room has too many Arteest's and not enough Artists.

Brads the newest member of our art team. He’s just out of CPIT school of art and design (by that we mean he graduated 2 years ago) where he majored in graphic design and illustration. All that training made him pretty handy with the computer, so we like to utilise his talents by getting him to design us up cups of coffee, and sweet morning tea notices. When he isn’t slammed with all that work he comes up with some awesome artwork for our tee’s and accessories. He’s also the fastest t-shirt folder of the art team. 

If someone’s defaced your spreadsheet, or set your screensaver to ‘you smell,’ Logan’s the culprit. He’s one of our graphic artist’s, and he spends most of his day working on his design ideas… but if he’s not at his desk, you’ll find him fixing the printer. Because, as with every machine, it always breaks just before any deadline, meeting, or when we / I really want to print off that funny photo of a sheep that I saw on the internet. He is now the second fastest t-shirt folder of our art team, however he has almost perfected the Ninja fold.

Katrina worked here a long time ago and now she comes up with cool design ideas. She’s a ‘self employed graphic artist’ who designs for all the apparel “big names”. This makes her seem old and wise (which she is), she’s also talented, and young looking, and she has a good, down-to-earth, kiwi attitude. And when she comes in we all sit around and listen in awe (or maybe just politeness) to the really good slogans and puns she comes up with… but seriously, they’re really good. She’s the one you want with you when you’re trying to think up a quick comeback but all you’ve got is “so’s your face".

Darryn George (of Ngapuhi decent) is a suave and sophisticated art type. Last year he got invited to exhibit work at the Venice Biennale, which is seriously cool. They tell us he’s “mastered a unique style of geometric abstraction, incorporating pop art colours with the tradition of Maori Kowhaiwhai.” But we don’t know what that means, so we just say he’s a cool artist.

Jayson’s a big guy. He’s a born and bred Cantabrian. His whanau comes from Wairoa, something he’s pretty proud of. It show’s in his designs, each one has a story behind it, which makes the tee’s and accessories his work's on really awesome.