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Safe Travel Wrap Bracelet

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The Safe Travel Wrap Bracelet features a sterling silver safe travel hook on soft leather, promising protection and safety as you explore the world.

This bracelet wraps around your wrist twice and loops onto the hook to secure. Showcase your favourite charms.

Please note not all charms fit the Safe Travel Wrap bracelet - Below is the list of charms that do not fit.

  • LK115 Hope
  • LK116CZ Forget-me-not
  • LK117CZ Rata Flower
  • LK120 Devotion
  • LK135 NZ Globe
  • LK136CZ Family Tree
  • LK142CZ Lucky 8
  • LK148 NZ Tree Fern
  • LK149 NZ Mistletoe
  • LK166 Friendship
  • LK167 Together
  • LK168 Precious Hearts
  • LK169 Journeys
  • LK170 NZ Music
  • LK172 Pohutukawa Flower
  • LK173 Dreams
  • LK176 Wildflower
  • LK177 Wishing Stars
  • LK191 NZ Guardian Fern
  • LK192 Albatross
  • LK220 Haka
  • LK222 NZ Natives
  • LKE001 Christmas Kiwi
  • LKE004 Kiwi Snowboarder
  • LKE015 Snowflake
  • LKE017 Pohutukawa Blossom
  • LKE019 Dandelions
  • LKE022 Aotearoa’s Sky
  • LKE023 Aotearoa’s Ocean
  • LKE003 Devoted Kiwi Mum (large)
  • LKE002 Kiwi Love (large)
Please note all Stoppers, Clips and Safety Chains will fit if clipped on one piece of the leather.