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Karearea Merino L/S Womens T-Shirt

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Too important to lose, some of New Zealands “At Risk” wildlife are Wanted.
Our 100% NZ Made Merino range, which is designed, printed, and manufactured here in NZ by us, will play a part in keeping them ALIVE.

The New Zealand Falcon, Karearea, is capable of flying at speeds over 100 km/h, and can catch prey larger than itself.
The Karearea is mainly found in heavy bush, and the steep high country in the South Island, also on the back of a NZ $20 note.
Numbers have declined because of cats, stoats, rats and hedgehogs, preying on eggs in nests. Despite their fully protected status, Karearea are still shot, particularly when they occasionally kill racing pigeons or chickens.
You can donate to conservation programmes throughout NZ. 
Global Culture has a programme in place to support conservation of these endangered animals.