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Takahe Merino 1/4 Zip Mens Hoodie

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Too important to lose, some of New Zealand’s “At Risk” wildlife are Wanted.

Our 100% NZ Made Merino range, which is designed, printed, and manufactured here in NZ by us, will play a part in keeping them ALIVE.


The Takahē once roamed across the South Island, but pressures from hunting, introduced predators, habitat destruction and competition for food led to their decline.

They were thought to be extinct for nearly 50 years but were famously rediscovered in 1948. By a Doctor from Invercargill.

He found the last remaining birds high in the tussock grasslands in remote, Fiordland.

The Takahē is the longest running endangered species programme for a New Zealand bird. Today after 70 years of conservation a population of just over 400 birds exist