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Hihi Merino 3/4 Womens T-Shirt

The stitchbird or hihi is a rare honeyeater-like bird a native of the North Island of New Zealand.
A yellow band across the chest separates the black head from the rest of the body, which is grey. Females and juveniles are duller than males,
Stitchbirds are very active and call frequently. Their most common call, a tzit tzit sound, resemblance to the word stitch".
The stitchbird rarely lands on the ground and seldom visits flowers on the large canopy trees favoured by the tui and bellbird (this may simply be because of the competition from the more aggressive, larger birds).
Their main food is nectar, but the stitchbird's diet covers over twenty species of native flowers and thirty species of fruit and many species of introduced plants.
The stitchbird also supplements its diet with small insects.
The breed is considered vulnerable and is actively protected.

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