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Sheep Dog Keyring

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Our sheep dog is a Border Collie a breed developed to gather and control sheep in hilly country. They are known for their intense stare, or "eye" which they use to control stock. They have unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make them great to herd sheep on farms. They are an important part of farming in New Zealand. John Sheep is a well-known tractor brand in New Zealand and their cap sits nicely with our chap. John Deere I am sure might not be amused, but we think John Sheep is a far better name for tractors in New Zealand. The team here are split, some think "sheep dog" is adorable and cuddly. Others think that it is one cool dude who would also excel in various sports, including, tracking, and flying disc competitions. Make your own mind up when you take this cool pet home.