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Kakapo Merino 1/4 Zip Womens Hoodie

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Too important to lose, some of New Zealands “At Risk” wildlife are Wanted.

Our 100% NZ Made Merino range, which is designed, printed, and manufactured here in NZ by us, will play a part in keeping them ALIVE.

Large, flightless and nocturnal, the Kakapo is an eccentric parrot which can live for decades. Kakapo are the heaviest parrot in the world. The males can weigh over 2 kg.

Aside from being hunted and the loss of habitat, the most devastating to its survival was the introduction of predators such as rats, cats and stoats. In ancient history, its only predator was the now extinct Giant Eagle, and it developed the habit of nesting, rearing and feeding its young on the ground. This nesting behaviour made its eggs and chicks easy prey for introduced predators, especially cats.

You can donate to conservation programmes throughout NZ. 

Global Culture has a programme in place to support conservation of these endangered animals.