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Tara-iti Merino S/S Womens T-Shirt

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Tara-iti is New Zealand's rarest and most critically threatened endemic bird, the New Zealand fairy tern. Known to Maori as Tara-iti, most New Zealanders will never get to see a New Zealand fairy tern, but those who do rapidly fall in love with these gutsy little birds who will swoop and poop on you if you get too close to their young or their nests.

NZFT is the smallest tern that breeds in NZ with adults measuring around 250mm in length and weighing a mere 70 grams.

The average lifespan of NZFT is less than 10 years.

Their nests, found currently on only five North Auckland beaches, are scrapes in shell-covered sand, usually above the spring high tide mark.

The estimated number of NZ fairy terns varies, but is currently around 40.