New Zealand Greenstone Jewellery

Pounamu or New Zealand Jade

Hi, welcome to our New Zealand Greenstone Jewellery page! This is one of our favourite pages because it’s where all our very talented New Zealand carvers hang out. The kiwi carves we range come from around NZ and each have their own style, but are also deeply influenced by the Maori carving tradition.

New Zealand Jade is often called Greenstone or Pounamu. It was first used by the New Zealand Maori to create jewellery and weapons. You will notice that there are five main shapes of greenstone on this page, the Hei Matau (fish hook), Kuru (drop), Pikoura (twist), Toki (adze), and Koru (spiral). Each of these shapes has special meaning which you can read about here on our Green stone information page, here you will also find information on our carvers and the different varieties of Nephrite Jade including Flower Jade and River Jade.