About Us


Our company was established in 1974 by our Founder who had big dreams.

When I first joined the Company we were a large manufacturer and screen printer of T-shirts and merino for labels like Canterbury of NZ, Carhartt, Calvin Klein and Ibex Merino.  Like a lot of companies, we have had to change and adapt as lower cost manufacturers started to reshape the clothing industry.


Over the nearly 50 years we have been around, the Company has changed but the underlying dreams haven’t. 
Global Culture's DREAM was & still is:
  • To share our culture and values globally
  • To be a good global citizen
  • To encourage respect of nature and protect it 
  • To work with as light a footprint as possible
  • To have fun and enjoy life

No-one on their deathbed ever said "I wish I had spent more time at the office" - it's about putting balance back in your life and having a bit of fun.

What has kept us going is our desire to take our sometimes quirky sense of humour and our relaxed lifestyle to the world.  Sounds grandiose but Kiwis and Australians are alike, we share a very relaxed lifestyle, a similar sense of humour and value our local communities.

We opened our first store in Queenstown in 1989. We've continued to grow our physical and online presence in New Zealand & Australia since.



Global Culture’s philosophies are very aligned to those of B Corp companies, and that is why we have made a commitment to work towards B Corp certification.

The B Corp deal is:

  • You deal with people who hold similar values and principles to you .
  • You respect and care for your staff and the environment.
  • You take care of people in your community.
  • You give fair value for all parties and have a belief in doing good.
Giving back
Global Culture has supported quite a few Social and Art causes over the years but recently we decided to become more active supporters of some of the true locals. We support charities who actively work to support endangered species and we work with organisations who are rebuilding biodiversity.



 In the end we want everyone to be saying “Sweet As”

 Chris and the Team at Global Culture