Global Culture Artists

Our artists are the heart of our team.

One of our artists read that the only way to survive in the current economy was to diversify – so we have added a new artist to our team who can draw cows.

When Brad joined our team he had just graduated from CPIT school of art and design where he majored in graphic design and illustration. So we take all the credit for his artistic development. We created a fantastic position for him where he spends all day drawing sheep and kiwis.

He has now become the leader of our art team and works closely with Rachael, a good Southlander. It means that there are arguments and bets but that is mainly around whether the Crusaders or Highlanders will win the rugby.

Rachael joined us with a degree from Otago Polytechnic in Design and her rural background has been quite helpful in introducing a new twist to our underlying Kiwi animal themes.

They tell us our art themes are based on anthropomorphia, but that’s such a long word most of us can’t remember it or pronounce it. We know it’s all about making Kiwi’s and sheep do silly things.

The art team were behind our “wanted” theme that recognises the plight of endangered species in New Zealand. They thought it would be great to have a bit of fun with them and highlight how tough it was for most of them. Because of their prompting the Company now contributes to causes to help their survival. Global Culture has been in existence for quite a while so the history of some very clever and talented artists is a reminder to them every day.

Logan has moved on to greener pastures but left us with Sheep shades.

Katrina worked here a long time ago and now she comes up with cool design ideas. She’s a ‘self employed graphic artist’ who designs for all the apparel “big names”. This makes her seem old and wise (which she is), she’s also talented, and young looking, and she has a good, down-to-earth, kiwi attitude. And when she comes in we all sit around and listen in awe (or maybe just politeness) to the really good slogans and puns she comes up with… but seriously, they’re really good.

Darryn George (of Ngapuhi decent) is a suave and sophisticated art type. Recently he got invited to exhibit work at the Venice Biennale, which is seriously cool. They tell us he’s “mastered a unique style of geometric abstraction, incorporating pop art colours with the tradition of Maori Kowhaiwhai.” But we don’t know what that means, so we just say he’s a cool artist.

Jayson’s a big guy. He’s a born and bred Cantabrian. His whanau comes from Wairoa, something he’s pretty proud of. It show’s in his designs, each one has a story behind it, which makes his works really awesome.

There are many more, but as time progresses their art has left the range we offer. The history they have created doesn’t.