Our History


Ours is a simple story. Our founder started the business from an office in Port Hills Road, Christchurch. While we started from here as screen printers in 1974 we didn’t start sharing our ideas and our so called wisdom until the late 1980’s. It all came about because as a group we thought too many people in the world had become far too serious and it was time to share the "Kiwi" way. The brand name Global Culture came about in the 90’s well before either word was fashionableIt’s been a wild ride since then.





Unfortunately, our founder is no longer with us but there are things we have based our brand on that live up to his dreams. 

  • To share the country’s culture and values globally
  • To see what is great globally and act as a Global Citizen
  • To encourage respect of nature and protect it 
  • To have as light a footprint as possible
  • To have fun, not take ourselves seriously & enjoy life



"No-one on their deathbed ever said "I wish I had spent more time at the office""

It's about putting balance back in your life and having a bit of fun.



We opened our first store in Queenstown in 1989. We've continued to grow our physical and online presence since and now have 3 stores in Auckland, 3 stores in Christchurch, 4 stores in Queenstown and an online store.  We've recently spread our wings and started sharing our ideas with our neighbours in Australia. We launched our Australian product range and website in October 2019.





Global Culture has supported quite a few Social and Art causes over the years but recently we decided to become more active supporters of some of the true locals. We support some charities who actively work to support endangered species. The set back with the impact of Covid on our business hasn’t helped but we are committed and will carry on.





“Life's good down here at the edge of the world”

 Chris and the Team at Global Culture