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Kotuku Merino S/S Womens T-Shirt

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Too important to lose, some of New Zealands “At Risk” wildlife are Wanted.

Our 100% NZ Made Merino range, which is designed, printed, and manufactured here in NZ by us, will play a part in keeping them ALIVE.

The White Heron, Kotuku, is specially adapted for wading in shallow, muddy waterways. They feed mostly on small fish, eels, frogs, insects, mice and small birds. They grab prey with their sharp, dagger-like beak.

Due to its rarity in NZ and its beautiful plumage, the Kotuku was highly valued by Maori and European settlers for its ornamental feathers. The species was almost exterminated to satisfy the demand, after its only breeding site on the Waitangiroto River was discovered in 1865. By 1941 the site was declared a wildlife refuge and patrolled at breeding time.

You can donate to conservation programmes throughout NZ. 

Global Culture has a programme in place to support conservation of these endangered animals.