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Morepork Womens T-Shirt

Morepork are most well known for their “More-Pork” call but they also make a repetitive “cree” sound. The ‘Ruru’ Morepork is the only remaining native owl species found in New Zealand. We think our Morepork is quite a cool lady. A bird of the bush and the night, it is also an important species in Maori mythology. It is a small, compact, dark-brown owl. Its striking yellow to yellowish-green eyes are set into two facial disks either side of a small sharply hooked bill. Moreporks are widely distributed throughout the native and exotic forests of New Zealand. It is very manoeuvrable and able to fly through dense forest. Like other owls it has serrated or comb like edges to its flight feathers that reduce air turbulence over the wing, enabling silent flight. Moreporks catch and consume a wide variety of small animals, including large insects, small birds.

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