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Free shipping on all evolve charms at Global Culture. NZ inspired charmas and jewellery in silver, glass, and gold.
New Zealand Bike Print T-Shirts. Mountain Biking and roadbiking in NZ

It’s a big job being a proud Kiwi, but someone has to do it.

Global Culture is a New Zealand company that celebrates Aotearoa – this tiny cluster of islands that are quite a long way from most places. Global Culture T shirts and Hoodies reflect our notion that the world has become too serious and needs to be exposed to New Zealand's relaxed, quirky and sometimes humorous way of thinking. We also support artists around New Zealand that design and create an inspired range of gifts, pottery and jewellery - a very clever bunch of stuff.

Evolve beads and charms are part of our offering, they too tell the story of our beliefs and strong culture. Our merino clothing allows you to stay in your comfort zone all day. So spread the word - life's good down here at the edge of the world. 

"you can never be too rich, too cool or own too many t-shirts - and a whole lot of other stuff"