About Us

It’s a simple story - while we started as screen printers in 1974 we didn’t start sharing our ideas and our so-called wisdom, through our retail stores until the late 1980’s. Its' been a wild ride.

It all came about because we thought too many people in the world had become far too serious and it was time to share the “Kiwi” way.

We have been making and printing clothing for long enough to know that it is now “worn out all over the world” – people in faraway places like Siberia and Slovenia will be proudly wearing our clobber as a sign that they have visited the best place on earth.

A whole bunch of us wear it to say we are the lucky ones that live here. More recently we wanted to show that we not only consider ourselves lucky, but also proud of what New Zealand has.

We have supported quite a few Social and Art causes over the years but recently we decided to “come out” as supporters of some of the true locals.

Our “wanted range”, and a few other prints, try to draw attention to our endangered species.

We are putting our money where our beliefs are and have become “Ambassadors” and “financial supporters” of some charities who are actively working to support endangered New Zealand species.

We are also continuing our support of some Social causes.

That’s the serious stuff. At work, we still enjoy a bit of fun, we have cyclists, skiers, people that love fishing, sports people and a few lazy sods that do very little. Well they probably play computer games and odd things like that.

Put us all together and our aim is to find and share unique, clever, interesting and strange things about the people, our landscape and the animals who inhabit this tiny cluster of islands that are quite a long way from pretty well everywhere.

We hope you enjoy our stuff - wear it or use it with pride and spread the word.

“Life’s good down here at the edge of the world”

Chris Brocket and the Team at Global Culture