About Us

Shaping our future

Every year majestic whales navigate across thousands of kilometres to return to our waters. As they bask under the shadow of the South Island’s Kaikoura Coast, we are humbled by their mighty presence. Such is our good fortune.

The mighty creatures playground is New Zealand. Remote islands of untamed landscape and surrounded by still relatively unpolluted waters. A haven for a variety of wildlife, a country of contrasting climates.

To preserve this local environment, we need to think on a global scale. Too many of our native species and natural wonders are being condemned to a fate worse than death: extinction. 

We can see that sustainable business practices are a commitment we need to be continually making.

Global Culture’s philosophies are very aligned to those of B Corp companies, and that is why we have made a commitment to work towards B Corp certification.

The B Corp deal is:

  • You deal with people who hold similar values and principles to you
  • You respect and care for your staff and the environment
  • You take care of people in your community
  • You give fair value for all parties and have a belief in doing good

Our company was established in 1974 by our founder who had big dreams. By living up to our founders dreams we are doing our bit.

Global Culture has supported quite a few social and art causes over the years. We also support charities who actively work to support endangered species and with organisations who are rebuilding biodiversity.

While the world we operate in has changed a lot since we began, our outlook hasn’t. The brand Global Culture has always been a celebration of “the way we live”.