Creative Crew

Global Culture has been in existence for quite a while. We started in 1974 and some very clever and talented artists have left us and gone on to do other things. Some of their work remains as a reminder to us every day. As time progresses and their art leaves the current range that we offer, the history they have created does not.

The current Global Culture in house creative team are BRAD & DAVID.

When Brad joined us, he had graduated from CPIT School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design degree. He has grown to become the leader of our art team.

David joined us after a stint living in Auckland and brings with him his degree from Auckland University in Fine Arts. Together they have forged a great team.

COVID is changing our world and along with global warming it is changing our thinking. Our creative team helps us reshape the way we respond.

We used to have a saying that “If the world was flat we’d be the ones living on the edge”.

That no longer reflects our thinking. Instead, we have reinforced our belief that "the way we live" shapes us as people. Our driving principles here are to:

  • live life
  • relax with friends
  • care about our planet
  • share our way of life

Our art follows these themes as they become entrenched as our driving principles.