At Global Culture we are continuing our journey to value sustainability and the protection of the planet. The landscape is changing and sustainability, now more than ever is a responsibility that we all share.

Where possible we are working with fabrications and products that are recycled, sustainable and low impact. The future is not just about garments and delivery but also about the people that produce and supply our product and work with us. Team approach, equity, diversity, health & wellbeing are an important part of good citizenship for us.

We recognise the BCorp movement, which balances profit with purpose and stands for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy, as a benchmark for living our sustainability vision and values.

Our strategy is structured across five themes, BCorp, People, Environment, Suppliers and Community. We have identified the most material impacts in each theme and set goals to achieve in given timeframes.

While we want to achieve these goals as quickly as possible, we also want to do it in a meaningful and authentic way, so it will take time. This strategy will keep us accountable to our company mission as we work towards putting people first and leaving a light footprint on this planet. We call it our Good Citizen Mission (or GC Mission)