The Artists

 Our art team are a critical part of “BRINGING OUR CULTURE TO LIFE”.

Global Culture has been in existence for quite a while.  We started in 1974 and some very clever and talented artists have left us and gone on to do other things.  Their work remains a reminder to us every day.
Tyler works in Melbourne in a cool design Company, Russell, Rachel and Logan have moved on to greener pastures but left us with Dub Kiwi, Tractor, Dare to be Different and Sheep Shades. Frances left us with the iconic Sweet As and now runs her own design brand in Melbourne. Katrina worked here for a long time and keeps in touch with some great ideas. She now designs for all the apparel “big names” but she has a good, down-to-earth attitude.
There are many more, and, as time progresses their art has left the current range that we offer. The history they have created does not.

The current Global Culture in house creative team are BRAD & DAVID

When Brad joined us, he had graduated from CPIT School of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Design degree. He has grown to become the leader of our art team.

David joined us after a stint living in Auckland and brings with him his degree from Auckland University in Fine Arts. A born and bred Cantabrian lad, he is glad to be back at work in his natural environment.

TOGETHER they have forged a great team.

Our Art team saw behaviour changing in 2020 in new and unpredictable ways. The whole world was forced to rethink their habits, and it reminded us here as a team how important it was to protect our environment. 

The team are behind our theme that recognises the plight of endangered species. We saw how tough it was for a lot of native species to survive. We now contribute something from the sale of every garment annually to causes dedicated to help their survival and we will continue to do that.

We are realising that without some positive strategies it will be a difficult planet for humans to survive on. The Art team have now challenged us to think about what happens tomorrow.

The company is working hard to find ways to lighten our footprint. It doesn’t happen overnight but our work to achieve B Corp certification is part of the project.

Nobody has a crystal ball, and it would be foolish to try and make hard and fast predictions, however we have now swung in behind a move to not only build a more sustainable future for ourselves but use our art to spread the word about a need to protect the planet.  We know that “everything matters” and we all need to find ways to adapt quickly.


Everything changes


Nothing changes