Doing Our Bit - Highlights


To make sure this cool planet is enjoyed by many generations to come we sat down and set some goals to aspire to.



We looked at our environmental footprint and felt the most effective approach will be to:
Identify and measure emissions.
Act to reduce and minimise emissions.
Offset what emissions we can’t avoid.
Report and hold ourselves accountable.

    We started discussions with Toitu, a NZ organisation who offer carbon certification programmes. With them we will work through steps above. While this is in progress we started doing our own provisional emission sums to see what contributes to our footprint and where we need to make changes.


    We had a stack (over 3 shelving units full) of old inks we no longer used and destined for landfill. After a few phone calls we found a new home for them. They’ve been donated to the Canterbury University Fine Arts to be used for their new screen-printing course. We're chuffed there's another use for them and that we're helping students follow their artistic dreams. It took a few van trips to shift homes.