Kiwi’s and our No 8 wire versatility have an inbuilt ingenuity gene.  We have a “do it yourself” attitude that usually means “do it better” attitude.  As a result, New Zealand made has come to mean quality, uniqueness and just all round awesomeness.   But, unfortunately in today’s world we can’t do it all and that’s why we need good partners.  Partners that both understand our values and the expectations of our customers.  So, using the good guys, is a game of balance - we do our best to balance quality, environmental impact, and price and we’re always looking to improve. Additionally, there is the need to see that everyone in the supply chain is fairly treated. To do this we have aligned ourselves with suppliers we trust, who have similar values, who operate ethically and are doing their bit like us to leave as small a footprint as possible on this cool planet.  We still try and source as much as we can from New Zealand or where value is added in New Zealand.



AS Colour supply us with t-shirts, hoodies, caps, beanies and bags and we know they select their factories very carefully, seeking the best from around the world who share the same values of dignity and respect. They then look to build long term relationships with them. They only work with factories that can assure auditable standards of safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. Their code of conduct mandates factory visits where they look at the factory’s social compliance audit and work with them to reach their goals and ensure continuous improvement.

Key points: 100% recycled polyester, an increasing use of organic cotton.

Member/Partner: Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, Better Cotton Initiative, Reemi

Standards: Gold WRAP, BSCI, Oeko-Tex Standard 100



ABMT Australia is home to MerinoEdge and is a recognized global leader in natural fibre circular knit manufacturing servicing local fashion retailers through to global sports and outdoor brands. Their hub for research and development and the manufacturing base for ABMT’s Merino Wool, Organic Cotton and Fashion Fabric programs is located in Melbourne.

ABMT Australia’s ambition is to create quality products with minimal environmental impact; by promoting responsible farming, cleaner manufacturing and utilizing the wonderful benefits of sustainable natural fibres. They provide fully vertical, transparent, and ethical garment solutions to their global customer base.

 They are proud of the work they have done in significantly lowering the environmental impact normally associated with textile manufacturing in their operations and for their use of sustainable products and practices.  

 Cleaner production measures were incorporated into the design of the Australian plant. Ongoing projects focus on reducing electricity, gas, and water usage. With a full on-site 5 stage water treatment plant up to 85% of ABMT water is reused, either back through the manufacturing process or via 3rd party recycled water programs for agriculture parklands and industry.



Southern Merino NZ started making 100% merino wool products in Christchurch in 2004. They have been selling them at markets and events around the South Island of New Zealand ever since.

Southern Merino NZ see being NZ made as a measure of quality.  It also means another Kiwi is busy doing what they do best. They pride themselves on being responsible employers and having a traceable supply line for merino from ABMT.



Premium Apparel supply us with a range of blank T-shirts from globally recognised brands such as Gildan and Anvil. Beyond making great quality products Gildan are positively changing how apparel is made. They have implemented leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into every stage of their process. They incorporate WRAP, FIA and their own high ethical and compliance standards in all of their production facilities. In 2020 Gildan was ranked 32nd overall in the world’s Top 100 most sustainably managed companies and 6th in the innovation and business model sub-category.

Key points: Sustainable natural cotton. Gildan recycles or repurposes 84% of all rubbish. Gildan recycle 100% of textile waste.

Member/Partner: Sedex, Better work, FLA, Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

Standards: MSCI AA rating , WRAP, Fundahrse,  CSR Seal, Carbon Clean 200



A New Zealand owned Invercargill business who have operated since 1966.  Banbury supply us with hoodies from a supply chain that meets the high standards in their factory code of conduct. Their values come back to "Doing things right and doing the right thing". They are working closely with their supply chain to ensure water treatment systems meet environmental standards, reduce plastic packaging and minimise airfreight. They've shifted to LED lights in their factory and proudly support Trees That Count.

Key points: adopted the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) code of conduct.

Member/Partner: meet all NZ employment standards.

Standards: FLAWRAPSMETA/SedexAmfori BSCI,



Weft Knitting is a New Zealand family owned business who supply us with a range of merino and possum merino garments and accessories. All of their New Zealand made product lines are knitted and made in a high technology knitting plant and sewing room in Christchurch, New Zealand. They are manufactured on "Whole Garment" machinery. Weft are reusing and recycling waste from the production of our product and have removed plastic from all of their products and processes.

Key points: Natural products used. Plastic removed from all products and packaging. Recycling waste from manufacturing process.

Member/Partner: Meet all New Zealand standards of employment and manufacture.



Moreton Jewellery is a New Zealand family owned and operated company.  Their New Zealand Jewellery is made using the best natural materials including New Zealand Nephrite Jade/Greenstone. The family greenstone business has over 30 years’ experience in sourcing and handcrafting New Zealand Nephrite Jade,  Their manufacturing facilities and staffing meets all of New Zealand’s health, safety and employment standards and the stone they are using was extracted historically. They are not involved in mining or extracting fresh resources.

Key points: New Zealand historically sourced natural New Zealand Nephrite Jade



 A New Zealand Family owned Jewellery business supplies us with Evolve Beads and Charms and Evolve Jewellery. Their charms and braclets are designed to be compatible with most international brands.  We have worked with Evolve since 2009.

Key points: Natural packaging  using FCS Cardboard, biodegradable and water soluble glue and recycled ribbon.



Global Soaps, which was established in 1997, is a New Zealand family owned business. It is all about hand crafted soap bars.  Small batch soap making using the centuries old cold process method, ensures a superior lather without compromising an extended life cycle. Add in various combinations of butters, oils, honey, clays, silk, petals, textures with a kaleidoscope of essential and fragrant oil scents. Global Soap uses no plastics in their processes, packaging or product.

Key points: Natural products. All plastic eliminated..



Vilo Sunglasses is a New Zealand family owned business. The owners have seen many parts of the world where extreme poverty was a way of life and people were vulnerable to being exploited by those wishing to profit at other people’s expense. Seeing an opportunity to create a truly financially sustainable business model where profits were recycled back to people in need, Vilo began supporting the organisation A21. A21 is dedicated to eliminating slavery and human trafficking. To support that goal,

Key points: Vilo donates 10% of all profits to A21.