Christmas Tees Christmas T shirts

Christmas Tees Christmas T shirts

To call one of our staff  a Christmas Grinch would be harsh. She is certainly not a grumpy person who spoils the pleasure of others or a killjoy, or a spoilsport which a Grinch is. She just thinks people don’t wear Christmas T-shirts with Christmas trees on them, it is not cool in her mind.

So in response we have created three T-shirts, two women’s Christmas Tees and one men’s.  To be fair the women’s Christmas Tree t-shirt is me being stubborn and trying to prove a point that people will buy a nicely designed Christmas Tree t-shirt. 

So we have added some of our favourite little native creatures and made it as Kiwi as we can. Your support of the three t-shirts will prove the point. I think they are all reasonably cool.

Join our worn out club and send your Christmas Tee pictures to help me prove a point, particularly if you buy the Christmas Tree T-shirt..

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