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I spent most of December worrying how Santa would cope. Outside sparsely populated countries or those that have opened their boarders the poor old chap had to become very inventive to get presents to children worldwide. I am sure the job was done well, with a few subtle changes where necessary. 

We have spent an era characterized by worldwide political turmoil and also dominated by discussion on the climate crisis which created growing division.  Then the Global pandemic hit, radically transforming how people lived and where they could travel across the globe. Our future seems to remain precarious, but now more than ever, it is vital to remember that often uncertainty breeds positive change through innovation, courage and in some cases daring. 

When the pandemic hit, we didn’t think we would end up where we are today.  We celebrated Christmas this year, but I suspect if you are like me, it was escapism, just to temporarily get away from the challenges the last two years have presented.  We set the ‘’out of office’’ reply, forgot about zoom meetings, slipped into a pair of shorts and headed to the beach and barbeques. 

By the middle of January we have returned thinking “here comes the sun”.  I mean that more figuratively than literally - surely things must start to come right this year. 

There is a slightly corny surfing saying  

“When nothing is going right - surf a left”. 

It might seem as though the world has slowed down but new ideas and changes to make the world a better place are being pursued every day. The world is becoming more natural, and casual.  Months of lockdown worldwide have made us all reevaluate what is important. 

In one of our toughest years, I have been overwhelmed at the positiveness of the Global Culture team. I think we probably represent a lot of society worldwide. We just want things to get better but in a better way.  

The two big thoughts driving us forward as a group are life style and “our world’’.    

We think of Global culture is a lifestyle brand but in saying that we are more about a life style.  A way of living which is quite synonymous with how Australians and New Zealanders live.  

Relaxing, Sharing, Caring. 

As brand we try and create relaxed clothing and accessories that remind us of moments in our life.   

Our lives are spent relaxing and doing things.  We socialize and share time together.  We care about the world we live in and are proud of our communities.  It is becoming a worldwide trend. We want it to become a global culture. 

For some years our brand has supported the protection of endangered species.  We will continue that support however our primary focus or theme for 2022 is going to be Rewilding. 

Rewilding takes many different forms depending upon circumstances but is chiefly the idea of allowing nature to take its course, allowing wildlife habitats to restore themselves and biodiversity to return with all the benefits that natural ecosystems provide, such as an increase in pollinators, improved water quality and flood prevention.  

In some ways I wish we could have the same plans for our own human communities.  In the meantime it will be Trees, Bees and Seas. 

Lets hope we can all share some great moments together this year and our team at Global Culture will work hard to bring a smile to your face and heart. 


The Team at Global Culture 

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