Why is my hair going grey – is it age or stress?

Why is my hair going grey – is it age or stress?

Two things are happening to me. My hair is going grey, and I think I have got to that awful age where I bore people with stories of the past.

I am fighting the thought that I am getting older. Sure, I pull the odd muscle more often when I play touch rugby, or my bowling wasn’t quite as quick when we played cricket over summer, but I am still playing tennis and I am doing physical things to prove how young at heart I am.

There are those times when you suddenly realize that

we often don’t value moments until they become memories.

I understand stress Is Involved in the process of going grey, but in certain circumstances grey hair can return to Its original color.

Hints that grey hairs could spontaneously regain color have existed as isolated case studies within the scientific literature for decades. A Scientific team investigated the association between hair greying and psychological stress because prior research hinted that such factors may accelerate the hair’s aging process. Their studies hinted at an alignment of greying and reversal to periods of stress, which implies that this aging-related process is closely associated with our psychological well-being.

A biogerontologist at the University of Washington, believes that looking at the effects of lifestyle on hair colour, and early intervention is a time when the hair can return to normal colour. He says, “What we’re learning is that, not just in hair but in a variety of tissues, the biological changes that happen with age are, in many cases, reversible—this is a nice example of that.”

Those with a lot of grey hair, like me, have presumably reached a “point of no return,” but the possibility remains that some changes in lifestyle can affect the timing and speed of the process.

Overall, the analysis revealed that the times when greying or reversal occurred corresponded to periods of significant stress or relaxation.

One of the upsides for me during COVID lockdowns was discovering how much more effective my day could be and how much more down time I got without the normal interruptions. I went for long walks and watched the wonders of hunting for Opals in the outback of Australia,  I raked leaves and read books.

Since returning to the office I realize how important those interruptions and interactions at work are, but equally how important that time alone was. It now becomes a task of marrying the two and getting my work life balance right. 

Its about creating moments that aren’t just memories.

If I get it right maybe my hair will stop going grey, although for me, I think the last couple of years haven't helped.

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