Who is a Kool Kiwi now?

Who is a Kool Kiwi now?

Our original Kool Kiwi prints were launched in 2013.  With shades and Nike shoes they cut a dashing figure.  Over the years we have been talked sternly to by several large brands, and so Kool Kiwi Two had the direct use of the Nike swoosh on their shoes removed.

Recently Kool kiwi three was released. And all we can say is thank goodness there is no sound associated with our T shirt, otherwise as wearers of this rather cool t shirt you might be being tracked.

We read recently that…..

The Verum Group, a leading New Zealand environmental consultancy has collected conversations between kiwis (the Bird, not all of you)

When you hear a dawn chorus of korimako, the mid-morning song of riroriro, or kiwi calling in the darkness, you’re listening to a conversation. Many of the singers you hear know each other as individuals, and they benefit from the ability to recognise one another based on song alone.

 Acoustically identifying individual birds allows us to study their ecology and behaviour with less need for invasive methods and disturbance.

The Verum Group team is focussing on developing artificial intelligence techniques to answer ecological and behavioural questions in birds. They have already developed successful techniques for identifying individuals of roroa (great spotted kiwi) using solely sound.”

Being able to follow individuals based on their voice ID will give the researchers a better understanding of social interactions between individual kiwis.

"Birds have a range of communication needs, but most of it is centred around either finding a mate or telling off a neighbour." 

Now that sounds familiar.

We understand that this research has also identified birds having regional dialects.

So how Kool is all that, who are the Kool Kiwi’s now.  Verum scientists me thinks.

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