Just Roll with It

Just Roll with It

The challenge of creating art for our t-shirts is twofold.  We look for a relevant saying and then pair it up with an image that gives it meaning.  We look for the unexpected or the humorous in the marriage between those two elements.

In the case of a recent kids t-shirt the artists paired up a saying “Just roll with It” and the image of the front end of a motor bike. So, the saying just roll with it for us is about dealing with and adapting to unexpected changes or challenges.  Don’t over think it just go with it. In searching for the bike image the artists tried to find something cool, but stumbled over a great story.

In July 2011 Shawn Mohar, a Canadian BMW Blogger, was given a rare opportunity to go to the BMW Museum in Munich and drive one of their classic vehicles.  There were 7 models he was told he could choose from in the Museum including modern classics from 1962 and 1973. There was only one motorcycle on the list, and it stood out immediately.  He chose the 1951 BMW motorcycle.  And so he set out on the road trip of a lifetime, to discover the winds of 1951 atop a classic BMW motorcycle all original, in mint condition.

Motorcycling is a sport rewarded by persistence, and a die-hard tenacity to cover the miles planned. It became his mission to enjoy the machine as it was meant to be enjoyed in 1951; not as an artifact. Only the task of returning such a perfect specimen in the same exact condition was considered as he tested every aspect of the bike on the Autobahns. No amount of rain could dampen his experience. At the end of the ride parking the bike and pulling the key, he closed his eyes for one brief moment. After enjoying a slice of heaven, it was time for him to come back down to earth. 

Global Culture has been about sharing an outlook on life for a long time. For us at Global Culture it is “the way we live” and Shawn Mohar exemplified that in his selection of that rare bike and then riding it as it was designed to be ridden.  We thought his story and the bike he chose made a great front wheel for our print.

Get given the chance don’t over think it just “Roll with it”.   A great philosophy to pass on to your kids.  If you get a great opportunity make the most of it and give it a go. 

Global Culture – Live, Relax, Care  - it’s the way we live.

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