Summer is here and the reasons to have a quiet relaxing drink increase.

Summer is here and the reasons to have a quiet relaxing drink increase.

There has been a lot of focus placed on scientific evidence.  The arguments around global warming are the classic.  Scientist have been proven to be wise counsel. . 

As a brand we celebrate “THE WAY WE LIVE”.  Our lifestyle defines who we are and who we want to be.  Advice is important to us to enable us to do what we do well. 

The three big questions we had were 

 Is it safe…. to go “up a Mountain and down a beer”? 

Will I …..“save water by drinking wine”? 

Am I happier …….because I have exercised and helped save the world? 

We scoured the scientific world for answers and we were very pleased with the results. 

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it can be dehydrating, but Scientists say that because beer has so much water, around 90 to 94%, there's less chance of dehydration than with wine. “Beer contributes to your fluid content more than wine, which may also decrease the risk for kidney stones,” Our scientist now says that beer, yes beer, is more effective for rehydrating the body than plain water. ... They determined that the beer drinkers had “slightly better” rehydration effects, which researchers attribute to sugars, salts, and bubbles in beer enhancing the body's ability to absorb water.  Now how good is that!!! 

The second part of that research that made us feel great was that “beer contains more water than wine.”   We didn’t ask for any more information than that.  We are pretty shallow here and felt that our case was proven.  Less water, has to be good, and we would be helping the world.  Case proven. 

The third question was about happiness. 

Alcohol affects the drinker's body and can impair brain function and motor skills; heavy use can increase risk of certain cancers, stroke, and liver disease.   

All of this is true, of course, and our prints which include wording or images that encourage having a quiet drink to help save the world aree not trying to trivialise the side effects of over drinking. 

However, you don't pour a glass of wine with dinner to "damage your body;" you do it because the wine helps you relax after a long day. You don't go out to the bar and down five beers with your friends to "increase the risk of certain cancers;" you do it because the beer helps the conversation and camaraderie come easier. 

In other words, most people drink because it's fun. 

Some research from Britain attempted to quantify exactly how much happiness we derive from that glass of wine or bottle of beer. And they did so using real-time data— the Mappiness app. It pings people a few random times a day and asks them how happy they are on a scale of 1 to 100. 

The app was developed to better understand human well-being, also asks users who they're with (friends, family, alone, etc.) and what they're doing (working, socializing, drinking, etc.). For the alcohol study. 

Researchers compiled 2 million responses to the app that over 31,000 people recorded between 2010 and 2013. What they ended up with was a large data set that could be used to answer the question:  

Do people report being happier when they're drinking? 

The answer to that question will not surprise you: "drinking alcohol is associated with greater happiness. 

The researchers found. In other words, pour yourself a drink and voilá — an immediate happiness boost. 

So how good is all of this research.  David Attenborough might well produce an article on this when he reads it.  

All we can say is -adequate rehydration after exercise is important. If not appropriately replaced, dehydration may affect performance.  It is not always possible to drink enough fluids during exercise. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), an optimal rehydration beverage consists of water, carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium. 

Sounds like a good beer to me, and when I want to save the world, I switch to wine.  And it all makes me happy. 


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