Classic NZ BBQ

Classic NZ BBQ

Whether you want to call it a ‘barbie’, barbecue or BBQ, traditionally, it will be hosted in a casual, home-bound setting.

“Bring a plate” meals are a bit of a Kiwi speciality. This often means bringing salads, nibbles or desserts. The host is usually in charge of meat.

Beer and wine are the usual drink accompaniments on the menu. So, what will your host actually cook?

While steak is always a winner, sausages (aka, ‘bangers’), chicken and lamb are great additions.

White bread and tomato sauce on the side are important.  To stay true to tradition, make sure your tomato sauce is of the Wattie’s variety.

Summer is as much salad season as it is a BBQ one. At ‘barbies’ — potato salad tends to be the most popular option. Don’t forget the generous coating of mayonnaise.

So, there you are – the Classic Kiwi BBQ - wash it all down with a cold beer or wine.

The Team at Global Culture

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