Doing Our Bit

Doing Our Bit


Covid-19 will be beaten and worldwide we will celebrate an amazing achievement for us all.  Life will never go back to normal, but a normality will return to life.

The huge attention given to understanding and controlling the impact of Covid 19 on health worldwide has slightly masked several other issues requiring a singularly focused international view.

One of those issues is climate change and as a company we can endeavor to do our bit to help by focusing on sustainability.  Every company has a footprint and we want to play our part in minimising our environmental footprint to protect this cool planet for future enjoyment.


We’ve been looking at our environmental footprint and feel that the most effective approach will be:

  1. Identify and measure emissions.
  2. Act to reduce and minimise emissions.
  3. Offset what emissions we can’t avoid.
  4. Report and hold ourselves accountable.

Footprint - We’ve started discussions with Toitu, an NZ organisation who offer carbon certification programmes. While this is in progress we’ve already started our own provisional emission sums to see what contributes to our footprint and where we need to make changes.

Waste is and obvious starting point and we’ve made some inroads already over the past 6 months

We had a stack (over 3 shelving units) of old inks we no longer used and destined for landfill. After a few phone calls we found a new home for them. They’ve been donated to the Canterbury University Fine Arts to be used for their screen-printing course. It took a few van trips to shift homes.


Tees are a key product and one of our suppliers has been named one of the world’s most sustainably managed companies – ranked 32nd in the world Top 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies.

We want to achieve this as quickly as we can but we also want to do it in a meaningful and authentic way, so it will take time. We are committed and know will be joined by our staff, suppliers, customers, and partners along the way.

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