New Zealand Made Merino

New Zealand Made Merino

That's one of our specialties

Merino Clothing is amazing. It keeps you cool when it's hot and keeps you warm when it's cold (pretty magical). We've known about this for a while and we toil away producing a range of merino clothing made right here at our head office in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We use top quality 200gsm 19.5 micron Merino fabric. What does that mean? well, 200gsm is not light like a base layer and not heavy like an over-layer. It's a weight we reckon is just right for everyday clothing.

The 19.5 micron fibre width translates to a superfine and soft fabric that will sit well against your skin not leaving you itchy like some wool garments can.

Reasons to choose from the Global culture 100% merino range.

Wearing Merino Wool in The Summer and Winter.

Looks pretty Good 

The drape of a Global culture’s 100% merino wool garment takes an ordinary T shirt and makes it extraordinary.

It’s really soft 

Global culture uses 100% Merino in its merino range and is probably softer to the touch and feel than a 100% cotton T-shirt.   It is the "feel" of the fabric that first gets you when you touch the garments.   We use 100% merino because we believe in it as a product – there are no additional fibres or synthetics added.

Keep Cool 

For years, nomadic people have chosen wool for their treks across some of the hottest lands on Earth. Wool is well-known for its superior insulation, but few people realize it works both ways. To keep the heat out and the sun off your skin, it's best to choose a looser fitting wool garment. 

Global culture has shaped it’s merino range so that it is worn like a T shirt rather than a skin tight layering garment. It then works both ways.  Warm in winter - cool in summer.

Odour is eliminated

 Merino Wool has antibacterial qualities, meaning that it manages odour far better than synthetics and most other natural fibres?  It's all because of lanolin.

Lanolin is a natural, oily wax emitted by sheep's skin. On the sheep it serves as their personal water repellent and helps to prevent skin infection. Most of the lanolin is washed from the wool during processing. However, just enough remains to prevent mildew and bacteria from building up in your summer clothes. “You in merino wool” means “you less smelly in Summer and winter”.

Globally responsible

Wool is a sustainable product, natural and a 100% biodegradable and compostable fibre.

Wool will outlast most synthetic fibres due to its unique "crimped" structure. But even when it comes time to say "goodbye" to your well-loved Global culture merino garment, you can rest assured it's a natural fibre and if you dispose of it the right way it will be going back to the natural world.



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