Music will save us

Music will save us

When Six60 announced they would play to a sell-out crowd of 50,000 people at Eden Park Auckland it was “Music to my ears”.

Despite some nearby residents’ objections, the gig was the first of six concerts that will be allowed at the Eden Park stadium every year.

The Six60 concert made history in several ways, but more importantly was a slight move back to normalcy.

The big question will be who is next to hit the stage? And the one thing we must remember is that New Zealand has a range of first-class acts that shouldn’t now be playing second fiddle to overseas acts.

So, lets hold the promoters to account and make sure we give our homegrown talent a real chance to pack the Stadium out.

In Musical terms “the tonic” can be defined as the natural “resting place” of the music. It’s possible that a melody will both start and end on the tonic, for a sense of “completeness”.

In my life “a Tonic” is a liquid or medicine that has the general effect of making me feel better. So New Zealand musicians, you are music to my ears, you complete me and you make me feel better.

Now that’s got to be good.

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