Room with a view

Room with a view

People often moan about caravans taking up too much of the road, do they deserve such a bad reputation? Someone suggested caravans should only be allowed on roads between 6pm and 6am during the summer.

The truth, as any caravan owner will tell you, is that their towable home is among the coolest things on the road.

Gone are the holidays when you stuffed two weeks’ worth of clothes into one small suitcase, queued at airports, and discovering that your hotel was on a really noisy street. Enter the humble caravan, a place where the only person who has used the duvet is you and where you can choose your own arrival and departure times.

And to beat all of that you choose what the view out your window is. We say take a trip and park up with a room with a view and enjoy New Zealand at its best.

Caravans are cool.

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