Up a mountain down a beer

Up a mountain down a beer

Research is always important.

In 2016 the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a research paper by four Spanish Medical scholars. We liked the report, in brief it essentially said;
Exercise in the heat causes important water and electrolyte losses through perspiration. Optimal rehydration is crucial to facilitate the recuperation process after exercise.

In Western countries it is common practice to drink beer after exercise, as part of social relationships.

Regular beer is a naturally fermented beverage, composed mainly of water, which contains some nutrients. Except for sodium and alcohol, beer has similar properties to that of sports beverages.

A moderate intake of alcohol (2–4 drinks/day) has shown to have health benefits. There were other points raised, however we know you will be sensible.

For us the key point of the research indicated that beer was as good as water in rehydrating after exercise. Now there is a group of students that we think will go a long way in their careers.

So, take it in sensible quantities and keep a beer handy to rehydrate after exercise. There are a lot of good New Zealand craft beers to choose from, so if you are like us you will do your research and taste as many as possible. Bring on a long hot summer

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